Pocono Recap 7/15-7/17

July 15-17, 2011

Pocono was always a wonderful track to race and compete on. With its NASCAR, high-speed straightaways and bankings, and the challenging infield courses, its been a favorite to many racers over the years. This time around, the track is even more challenging, as newly updated safety barriers slightly changed the track's configuration. Going on to the back straight-section of the track, a huge bump caused many spins and incidents over the race weekend. More tough than ever, HSM was ready. 

Hugh brought his dominant #22 Green Monster, and Richard 'Schoolboy' Hunter brought his now #911 Acura Integra R to compete in Honda Challenge. Cecil and his new aerodynamic package were ready to run again in GTS3. Unfortunately, HSM/Prysma's own Luiz Serva was not able to run this weekend. Back in the driver's seat this weekend is 2010 GTS2 Champ Jonathan Vasquez is back to run his #127 Green Monster II.

The long and grueling straightaways caused many engine failures over the course of the weekend, and Cecil's #999 M3 was one of them. The engine dropped a valve during a qualifying run late Saturday morning. It's unfortunate for him as the new upgraded rear wing and front splitter seemed to make quite a difference in the car's balance and handling. 

Qualifying on Saturday was action-packed, with Hugh running a 1:37.860 placing him 2nd in GTS3 out of a total 11 cars. Before Cecil's unfortunate motor failure, he did run a respectable 1:41 flat, which would have put him in the 7th starting position. Jonathan Vasquez drove at 10/10th's and placed 2nd in GTS2 with a 1:39.290, behind speedy Pablo Crespo. Richard Hunter scorched the track as usual in his Integra R and grabbed pole with a 1:45.397. 

The race start on Saturday was absolutely amazing. Four-wide cars barreling into the first corner. Jonathan Vasquez was on his game as he overtook more than six cars into the first turn. His car obviously lacked straightaway grunt, but boy did that car move in the corners. Hugh battled with rival Mark Lounsbury for the lead in GTS3 and soon enough, the lead was his, and was to stay until the finish giving him the victory. Richard Hunter won in H2 and Jonathan Vasquez placed 2nd in GTS2. 

Unfortunately, that race claimed another Moton shock from Hugh's race car. With fluid leaking badly, Hugh tried to swap rear shocks with the ones off the #999 M3, but was not able to do so. No one from the HSM team raced on Sunday. Stay tuned for updates and more news to come!


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