Prepping for NJMP, Breast Cancer Donations, and the Early Season Snow


It has been a hectic week at HSM.  Griff and Hugh spent some time discussing how to make the final round of the season special.  In no time at all they decided that setting up a donation fundraiser for breast cancer would be the perfect idea.  Since October is Breast Cancer Month, HSM worked with the Susan G. Komen For The Cure to help raise funds for research.  This foundation is known well for their involvement in sports events, especially running and endurance races.

The donations will be collected until the end of the month and at NJMP for the last race of the 2011 racing season.  To show even more support to find the cure, the HSM slightly redecorated their livery on the #22 Green Monster.  All the existing #22 numbers on the car were changed to pink, as well as the '3' in front of the GTS logo.  The ends on the rear wing were changed from yellow to pink as well as Hugh's name tag on the windows.  The other cars from the shop who are racing on Halloween weekend are also wearing pink '3' stickers.

The super cool part to all these changes on the car is that for every person that donates, he or she will get to sign their name on the hood of the BMW (in pink nonetheless).  It will be visible all weekend to spectators, drivers, and teams. 

After a mild overrev back in August, Cecil's #999 BMW had its head inspected and checked for any damage to the valvetrain.  Luckily, there was not any, but the cylinder head got a thorough cleaning in the process before being bolted back down.

As the final days counted down, Cecil's BMW, as well as the BMW's of both time-trialers Gabe P. and David M., were prepped and sent on their way. Luiz decided not to attend this NJMP Thunderbolt round. He will undoubtedly be ready to go for 2012!


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